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수입 공작 기계 – 하딘지코리아(투엔테크)

Posted on: 6월 7, 2013




XR760 머시닝센타/ 하딘지
머시닝센터[제품번호 : 450459]

기본사양 : 30 x 24 x 24
모델명 : XR760
제품분류 : 공작기계 > 머시닝센터

When you want extra capacity and additional capability – it’s clear you need a strong and reliable solution. Welcome to the XR760 VMC. With its compact design, high performance 12000rpm Weiss spindle with the new grease replenishing system, 30 ATC capability, through-spindle-coolant delivery and choice of Fanuc or Heidenhain control – the XR 760 combines power with versatility and is set to make a big impression across a range of high precision manufacturing sectors.





GX1600 머시닝센타/ 하딘지 브릿지포트 머시닝센터[제품번호 : 436987]

– 기본사양 : 수직형 머시닝센타
– 모델명 : GX1600
– 제품분류 : 공작기계 > 머시닝센터

The GX1600 is loaded with features and benefits that are unlike any competitive machine tool

Designed for rugged heavy cutting

Heavy duty cast iron base for added stiffness, superior damping characteristics, and added thermal stability

Large pretension and stretched double nut ball screws

Advanced Fanuc I searies control with productivity enhancing options

The GX1600 is ideal whether you are a job shop or OEM, the machine was designed with flexibility and throughput in mind.






회사명: 하딘지코리아(투엔테크)
주소: 경기
전화번호: 031-499-6834
휴대폰: 010-5236-1094
이메일: sing5826@hanmail.net
취급품목: CNC선반


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