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Posted on: 6월 28, 2013




CNC밀링 GX510

[제품번호 : 468701]

기본사양 : 510 mm x 400 mm x 430 mm
모델명 : GX510
제품분류 : 공작기계 > CNC밀링
제조사 : GX


Tool changer : 20 station swing arm

Control : i-series GX




XR1000 머시닝센타/ 하딘지 브릿지포트 머시닝센터

[제품번호 : 450460]

– 기본사양 : 40 x 24 x 24
– 모델명 : XR1000
– 제품분류 : 공작기계 > 머시닝센터

All products / milling / vertical machining centers / Bridgeport XR series – high performance (X,Y,Z)

If you are looking for a high-specification vertical machining centre that carries that extra punch – especially when machining larger workpieces – you will be more than impressed with the XR1000 VMC. High performance spindle technology from Weiss with the new grease replenishing system, a 30 position ATC, latest generation controls, tried and tested through spindle coolant delivery and a swarf management system that indlucdes a chip conveyor – the XR 1000 is more than a match for all your production requirements.




GX300 머시닝센타/ 하딘지 브릿지포트 머시닝센터

[제품번호 : 450461]

– 기본사양 : 11.80 x 15.76 x 16.94
– 모델명 : GX300
– 제품분류 : 공작기계 > 머시닝센터

The Bridgeport GX300 is designed and built for a production environment. These machines can literally overlap one another to better utilize valuable floor space and to promote cell manufacturing. The unique design provides service and operator interface to only the front or back of the machines. This design allows the machines to be stacked in a line side by side since there is no need to access the sides of the machines.

Don’t let the small footprint fool you as the GX300 packs a powerful punch. The spindle torque and horsepower is a unique feature of this machine when compared to other small footprint machines. With 20 horsepower and 99 ft-lbs of torque the GX300 is able to provide a solution for the aerospace, medical, defense, 3C, automotive, and other industries, requiring high-valve, complex parts from difficult to machine materials.







회사명: 하딘지코리아(투엔테크)
주소: 경기
전화번호: 031-499-6834
휴대폰: 010-5236-1094
이메일: sing5826@hanmail.net
취급품목: CNC선반


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